Significant Others

We acknowledge, validate, and help you work through challenging times you share with loved ones. Care plans are centred around your self-care and looking after your health.

Caring for Loved Ones



Caring for loved ones with alcohol or substance dependency, mental health challenges, and/or disabilites can be exhausting. You may feel like losing hope, along with the motivation to be supportive. You may feel guilt, fear, grief, or anger towards the person of concern. These are normal emotional reactions. Counselling can help ease the stress associated with such feelings.


Inspiring Solutions acknowledge and validate the difficulties that a family experiences, whilst supporting a loved one with addiction and/or mental illness. We will work with you to develop a care plan that suits your needs and family life. Care plans are centred around self-care and looking after your health. We will help you develop coping mechanisms to help you navigate through challenges and barriers.

Low Energy, Low Battery, Exhausted, Tired
Caring for Loved Ones, Carer, Significant Other, Stress
Care, Caring, Giving Love, Attention
Sad Face, Sad, Unhappy, Dissatisfied

How can Inspiring Solutions help?



We acknowledge, validate, and support you. We understand that your life is affected by the struggles your loved ones are experiencing. We can develop a treatment plan to support your needs and focus on reducing chaos and tension in your life. 

We are registered, trained, and qualified professional counsellors, with the expertise to help you heal through difficult times. We use evidence-based practices to identify strategies appropriate to your needs, ensuring that the right care is given to help you accomplish your goals, and help you become healthy and happy.