Clinical Supervision

We provide clinical supervision to students and counsellors.

We offer professional clinical supervision for counsellors and students. Clinical supervision provides supervisees the opportunity to develop skills, enrich their knowledge, and enhance confidence. Supervision is conducted in a confidential and non-judgemental space, providing objective and non-bias guidance. Through this guidance supervisees are encouraged to self-reflect, self-evaluate, and self-develop in order to grow as both counsellors and individuals.

How does supervision help the supervisee and client?

  • Supervision helps supervisees reflect and review both their professional and personal development.

  • Supervision protects clients as an impartial third party, identifying risks and reducing serious oversight by helping supervisees reflect on personal feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and approach.​

  • Supervision is a confidential space where supervisees can discuss workplace issues.

  • Supervisees are given a safe and confidential space to reflect on their professional skills, strengths, and limitations. Supervision also expands supervisees' knowledge base and skill set, ensuring responsible and ethical practice is delivered.

  • Supervision is a place where supervisees can explore career and study options within the counselling sector.

The practice of supervision inevitably involves details provided by clients shared with the supervisor and supervisee. Client confidentiality is protected by:

  1. Names not being revealed (kept anonymous).

  2. Information shared in supervision is protected under a contract of confidentiality and shared only within supervision relationships.