Anger Management

Anger can be the response to feeling vulnerable and helpless.  You can learn to deploy anger constructively and identify the blocked or dissatisfied feelings that contribute to frustration and anger. 

Anger Management, Frustration, and Stress

What is Anger?

Anger is a normal emotion experienced from time to time. It is natural to sometimes feel annoyed, frustrated, irritated, or angry.


Unfortunately, we often express anger with outbursts of shouting, yelling, and swearing. In extreme cases, angry outbursts are expressed by smashing and breaking objects, and physically or verbally hurting others or oneself.


Anger can also be expressed in subtle ways, such as being withdrawn, silent, or broody. Subtle anger can have the same negative psychological impact as outbursts. 

Anger can be intense and frequent. If we do not learn to control our anger it can be very destructive. By learning to control our anger we are more capable of engaging in constructive action. 

The Effects of Anger


Are you or a loved one experiencing any of the following?

  • Constant feelings of anger, irritation, or tension

  • Easily angered, frustrated, or irritated

  • Difficulty calming down

  • Over-reacting to situations

  • Quick to anger when an outcome is unwanted

  • Wanting others to appease you and struggle compromising

  • Breaking objects, threatening others, becoming violent, or yelling at others

  • Taking frustrations out on others

  • Intimidating or scaring others

  • Struggling with relationship issues

  • Using drugs or alcohol to alleviate anger, frustration, or irritation

  • Frequently get into fights and/or trouble with the law

  • Anger causes you depression and anxiety

Learning to deal with anger and finding new ways to direct negative energy into positive actions can help you find inner peace, nurture your relationships, and live a fulfilling life. 

How can Inspiring Solutions help?

Anger management counselling will help you identify the warning signs and triggers that are causing your anger. Anger management counselling will provide you with a variety of strategies to help manage your anger in a positive and constructive manner. 

We are registered, trained, and qualified professional counsellors, with the expertise to help you heal through difficult times. We use evidence-based practices to identify strategies appropriate to your needs, ensuring that the right care is given to help you accomplish your goals, and help you become healthy and happy.